In recent years, opportunities for women in the truck driving profession have proliferated to such an extent that there are now blogs dedicated to promoting female truck drivers and a professional association for women truck drivers. Gender diversity is not just a catch phrase, it’s actually the direction that the truck driving industry is headed down, and that’s a benefit to both men and women.

Female truckers have every bit of the opportunities that male truckers. If you are a woman who’d like to enter the truck driving profession, you can throw your hat in the ring for any of these types of jobs:


While you won’t sit behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler all day, you will get to spend time interacting with real truck drivers. Plus, you’ll get to tell them all where to go on a regular basis.

Pickup & Delivery (P&D)

P&D jobs are typically local. These include package delivery, dump truck drivers, and local haul jobs like delivering port-o-johns and produce.

Over the Road (OTR)

 OTR jobs will never go out of fashion.

Hazardous Materials (HazMat) Driver

HazMat drivers are in huge demand. They also make big dollars for delivering petroleum, chemicals, and other dangerous cargo.

Terminal Manager

This is not an entry-level position, but female truck drivers have as much a chance at becoming the terminal manager as any man in this day of trucking.

Bus Driver

From school bus drivers to charter bus drivers, women are carrying passengers just as often as they are cargo.

Independent Driver

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and some business sense, you can buy your own rig and join the ranks of truck drivers who hire themselves out independently.

Specialty Cargo Driver

Specialty cargo includes automobiles, cement, furniture, cattle, and many more. Pick your niche and specialize in a type of cargo for earning big dollars.


If you have a knack for turning screws and fixing things under the hood, you could earn your keep as a truck mechanic. Many mechanics start out behind the wheel.


Many large trucking companies hire recruiters to help them find the best truck drivers for their fleets.


Many retired or experienced truck drivers end up teaching those entering the profession all about logbooks, pre-trip inspections, and other truck driving skills.

Any job in trucking that a man can do; can also be done by a woman. There’s no reason a woman can’t be a truck driver or hold any other position with a trucking company.

How to Get Started as a Woman in Trucking

The first step is to get the truck training and certification necessary to enter the profession. If you’ve never driven a truck before, you’ll need to learn how to handle the gears, the load, and the roadway. Get your training out of the way and the necessary certification, then you can start hunting potential employers.

Once you get your first job in trucking, you’ll be a proud member of the profession, that has become known as the “backbone of the economy.” We could use a few more good women in trucking.

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