The garage door is the largest piece of moving machinery in your home. It is also typically one of the most visible elements of the façade. If you’ve purchased new windows and splurged on professional landscaping, but your garage door is rusty, dented,off-kilter and showing its age, those expensive home improvements aren’t going to be as visible.You could opt for a garage door repair in Newport News, VA. But why not consider replacing that eyesore with a beautiful new door that will give your entire exterior the curb appeal it deserves.

Match Material to Style and Circumstances

Wood, steel and aluminum are just a few of the materials you could choose. From an aesthetic standpoint, wood makes a powerful statement. A cedar or mahogany door puts wood’s warmth and style front and center. Staining can customize the color to match your home. However, wood is also the most expensive option, and although wood is known for durability, it needs periodic refinishing. If you want to enjoy the look of wood with a slightly lower price point, select a wood composite.

On the more practical side, steel and aluminum are both durable and attractive. Lighter weight aluminum is great for large double doors. If you decide on steel, go with 24 to 25 gauge with a fiberglass overlay to minimize dings, dents and rust.

The garage door should complement the style of your home. You might love that carved wood model with the fancy bronze hinges, but if you have a sleek urban façade, don’t set yourself up for a nasty competition between your house and your door.Some styles have a natural affinity for each other. Georgian and Victorian work well with coach house or stable look doors. If you own a ‘50s ranch, you might want to take a streamlined approach by using a plain finish and minimal hardware. Frosted or pebbled glass would be an unusual and fun look for a modern residence. A garage door repair service in Newport, News, VA, can help you create the perfect pairing.

The color you pick should blend with your home’s exterior. Strong colors will make the garage the focal point of the structure, which you probably will want to avoid. One good strategy is to match the door color to the window trim. If your home is brick, you could also consider matching the door to the color of the mortar. Dress your door up with finishing touches such as decorative hardware, panels or strapping. Consider windows to boost reflection and light. Textured or sandblasting the glass adds another interesting feature.

Don’t Overlook Safety and Comfort

If you use your garage for hobbies, crafts or other activities you may want to buy a new door with extra insulation and weather stripping. The R value is a measure of the heat efficiency of insulation. A higher R value indicates a better insulated door. Always remember that insulation could trap fumes and prevent proper ventilation. A garage door repair service in Newport News, VA, can guide you on selecting the right amount of insulation and other safety factors that will ensure that you enjoy your new door for many years.

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