Do you have a family camping trip on your bucket list? Whether you have toddlers or are joining a large family reunion, camping can be loads of fun and just the opportunity to make memories that will last a life time.  For both experienced and inexperienced campers, planning is the key to a successful trip. Follow these simple recommendations from the travel and camping experts to ensure your family camping trip is a huge success!

If you’re a novice camper, heading to a camping store or camping department in a large department store can be truly overwhelming. Make sure you have the basics covered for your trip. True rugged camping requires a quality tent. You can either opt for two smaller tents or one large one big enough to accommodate the entire family. Air mattresses and sleeping bags are a welcome addition.  Stock up on lanterns and flashlights. Assemble a first aid kit which should include insect spray and relief for bug bites.

Cooking presents a special challenge for campers. If your trip is shorter, you can certainly make a lot of preparations at home and bring the finished means in a large cooler. Otherwise, a camping stove or grill rack for an open fire are necessary. In lieu of heavy and cumbersome cookware, take advantage of the great tricks for cooking with aluminum foil. This will save time space and clean-up efforts. Freeze water bottles in lieu of bags of ice for coolers. It will stay cold longer and keep cooler contents from getting soggy.

For those few moments of relaxation, consider taking advantage of the awesome deals Groupon coupon offer and stock up on oversized pillows from Pier 1 for perfect lounging.  Plan on bringing toys and activity suggestions for the children. Scavenger hunts and hikes are always great fun. Review basic safety guidelines for camping and staying with a buddy or the entire family to avoid any accidents or lost children! Many parents place a whistle around their child’s wrists that they can use should they become lost or disoriented. Best of luck on your fun family camping trip!

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