Theory Test has become easy due to the introduction of online practices. This is through the mock examinations that prepare you for the multiple-choice questions that relate to the general road usage. You can as well prepare and practice before a perception hazard test by watching and reacting to the hazard clips available online.

One of the 14 video clips features two growing risks while the other 13 are about a single growing risk. The videos are designed to earn you scores for depending on how you respond to a potential hazard by clicking your mouse.

Besides, you also get around 15 minutes to practice before taking your theory driving test. You can as well use this time to overcome the fear and remind yourself of an important aspect that can help you in passing the theory driving test.

What is the Minimum age requirement to take a theory test?

In most cases, learner drivers are eager of passing their theory test as soon as possible. However, there is a set minimum age for you to take a theory test for a motorcycle or a car test. You are allowed to take a motorcycle theory test once you reach 16 years and a car test at 17, where you are first offered a provisional license.

You should also note that the test is valid for two years within which you should take and pass your practical test. If the two years elapses, you are forced retake the theory test before you are allowed to proceed with the practical test.

Being Late for Your Theory Test

Failing to avail yourself for a theory test is a dangerous thing, as you will be forced to pay and book for another test. It is advisable to appear for your theory test about 15 minutes to time to ensure that you get enough time to prepare. You can arrange with an intermediary firm to work changing the appointment dates if suspect that you might not be available to turn for the test on time.

Presenting your Theory Test Complaint

If you intend to submit any claim that relates to theory test, you can contact the DVSA. However, before contacting them, you should ensure that you know the type of your test as well as the date, time and the place where you took your test. You should then be able to explain what your complaint is all about and what you would like to have a solution.

Besides, the DVSA will request for your driving license number, the number of your theory test pass certification. You should also have your theory test or practical test booking reference number for identification.


In conclusion, it is important to practice for your online theory test practice to ensure that you pass your test. This also helps in boosting your confidence levels making it easier for you to master all the important aspects of driving. Besides, you should know that there is a limit to what you should achieve to be allowed to proceed or retake your theory test.

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