You have a 30-year-old car that you no longer have any use for. What do you do with it? There are a few options for getting cash for cars in Florida, but selling your car to a “you pull it” junkyard may be the best way to go.

What Is a You Pull It Yard?

A “you pull it” yard is a type of junkyard where customers can walk around looking at all of the vehicles sitting in the plot and select a needed part from one of the cars. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove the part from the car and bring it to the register to pay for it, hence the title “you pull it.” Many customers in the market for car parts prefer this type of yard because prices are typically lower since the yard does not need to hire employees to remove parts from cars. Waiting times at such yards are also lower because customers do not have to wait for an employee to pull a part from a car; they can just do it themselves as soon as they find the part they need.

Now that you know what a “you pull it” yard is, why would you want to sell your car to one of them?

Higher Prices

“You pull it” yards have very low expenses. They do not have to pay many employees because customers do the labor of removing parts from cars by themselves. The fact that these yards have low expenses means that they can afford to pay more cash for cars in Florida than more full-service junkyards could pay. For most people who are selling their cars, getting the best price is the most important concern. Checking out a “you pull it” yard is a fantastic way to address that concern.

Well-Known Buyers

Another great thing about selling your car to a junkyard in general is that you can research them online. Typically, these yards will have reviews on Google, Yelp or some other rating website. You can peruse the reviews to see what kind of experiences other people had with the yard you are looking at. If people write that they were treated badly or did not get the price they were hoping to get for their car, you can skip that junkyard. On the other hand, if people write that they had a great experience, you may have a good lead.

Being able to look up your potential buyer on Google is a huge improvement over what you could do if you were to try another method of selling your car. For example, some people like to sell their old cars on Craigslist, but you never know who you are talking to when someone responds to your Craigslist ad. With a junkyard, you at least know you are dealing with someone who is interested in buying a car with cash in Florida.

As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to sell your car to a “you pull it” yard, which offers cash for cars in Florida. Doing it this way will likely earn you a higher price and you will be working with a known entity instead of a random person you met on the internet.

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