When you need to replace any of the parts of your vehicle you have a choice – either buy original parts of the company or buy aftermarket parts. Sometimes it is very difficult for a common man to decide which one to choose, as there are so many suppliers available for aftermarket spare parts.

Many truck drivers often prefer to buy aftermarket Mitsubishi and Hino truck parts instead of paying higher price for OEM spare parts which is sometimes very difficult to obtain too. If you buy any OEM parts then it will be the same part that was originally fitted when you purchased your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are almost the same and serves the same purpose but they may not be of the same quality as that of original part. There are many different manufacturers of aftermarket parts with different prices and quality. Therefore, as a consumer, you have lots of options to choose from.

Aftermarket parts are usually available very easily from any shops, workshops or from the mechanic. On the other hand, if you want to buy any OEM parts then you have to buy it only from authorized dealers. In case you are engaged in automotive repair business, then you have to place special order to the manufacturer or their dealers.

For any common person, usually it is very difficult to decide whether he should buy only OEM parts or buy from the market any aftermarket parts. It is necessary to do thorough research about the market and learn about the quality of parts supplied by different manufacturers of aftermarket parts. If you can source good quality of aftermarket parts then following are the advantages:

  • Some aftermarket parts are even better than OEM parts

Reputation of aftermarket parts has considerably improved over the past few years as number of quality manufacturers have started supplying these parts. Some of them has also created their brand name too. Their parts have proved to be even more reliable as compared to the original parts.

  • You can get price advantage

As compared to OEM parts, the cost of aftermarket parts is much cheaper. According to the data surveyed the cost of any OEM parts are at least 60 per cent higher in cost as compared to aftermarket spare parts.

How to decide whether to go for OEM parts or aftermarket parts

This is the dilemma that most of the consumers often have to face when they need to replace any part in their car or trucks. A good knowledge about the parts can be useful and by doing research on the internet one can get plenty of information. However, following questions need to be answered in order to arrive at the right decision.

  • What kind of repair that your vehicle needs?

If it is a routine replacement of part then prefer to replace with the aftermarket parts. However, if your vehicle has met with an accident and need to replace any damaged part, then prefer OEM parts.

  • Is the part from a trustworthy brand?

If you are sure about the quality of the brand then you can go for aftermarket parts.

  • Is it within my budget?

If the price is the main criteria then go for one that your budget allows and aftermarket parts are the only option.

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