Due to the huge size and big weight, commercial trucks handle differently than general automobiles. Big rigs and other big tracks commonly need more time to stop and start, and take a longer period of time to accelerate as well. When a big commercial truck is involved in an accident or collision with another automobile, the results are very serious. The victims of truck accidents have a far bigger chance of suffering serious injury because of the weight, size and speed of big trucks.

One of the top ways that we can protect against the shocking consequences of truck accidents is to stop them from happening in the first place. Every drive should practice defensive driving expertise and be on the alert at all times for reckless or bad drivers. One of the contributing causers of commercial truck accidents is connected to the huge blind spots placed in the back, front, sides of big trucks. Automobile drivers and bikers are in danger for crash if they spend a period of time riding in a truck driver blind spot.

Common causes of tractor trailer crashes

Truck drivers are in control of very big and very heavy vehicles, which means they should practice extra care while on the road, but this is not forever the case. When a huge rig driver or trucking company is negligent, it is much more likely that an ensuing mishap would have shocking results. Examples of such negligence may include:

Overloaded truck

There are both federal and state laws specifying how much a huge truck can weight. This is not just one weight, one number, anyway. There are also laws indicating how the weight is divided over each axle. These rules are in place to make sure truck may still be driven safely while saving the physical integrity of the road. Unluckily, trucking companies or drivers may try to increase revenues by  squeezing more cargo into the trailer. This can cause problems in full maneuverability as well as breaking, rising the possibilities of a serious crash.

Underride account

Tractor trailers are heavier, bigger and taller than other vehicles. As such, the danger of crashing under a truck exists. Because of this, trucks are equipped with underride guards in the sides and the back. Unluckily, these underride are not forever installed rightly, may be built of shoddy materials, may be destroyed, or may not be there at all. Regardless of the cause of an underride accident, if the guards are not up to par, the trucking company or truck driver may be held, at least partially, liable for a victims losses.

Above all, you should notify the right authorities if you notice that a truck driver is driving carelessly or aggressively. It is amazing to pull off the road and let the truck pass, than to risk getting in a serious crash. If you or someone you know has been wounded because of the recklessness or negligence of a truck driver, you may be capable to file a claim for compensation with the help of Cimarron Ridge Legal Group. The initial step involved in seeking compensation is filling a claim, but you must also be prepared to protect your rights against a trucking insurance firm as well.

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